Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura Chakra

Post is written by Dr.Manisha from Spiritual Konnect :

Solar plexus, also known as Manipura Chakra is located at the diaphragm; that is below heart, below the breast bone.
This Chakra is responsible for the feeling of Self esteem, thoughts, action, and realization of your life’s dream. This Chakra is also another gateway to your psychic abilities. Solar plexus is the place where we sow the seeds of our individuality, inner strength and wisdom, material and spiritual power. Our thoughts, opinions and judgments of what we do, originate right here in this Chakra.
 Now visualize the body parts that are a part of this region. This Chakra affects Liver, gall bladder, pancreas, diaphragm, small intestine, stomach, spleen, adrenals, upper abdomen, middle back, spine, and blood. Therefore, if this Chakra is not balanced, it may manifest in the form of illnesses like digestive disorders, fluctuation in sugar level, disorders of lumber region of spine, middle backache, gall stones, illnesses related with liver, pancreas, stomach etc.
Psychologically, it has a great impact on our will power, intellect, wit, wisdom, inner knowledge, knowledge of the universe, Self Awareness, Self-esteem, mind control, Optimism. The color of this chakra is YELLOW.
 An underactive Solar Plexus Chakra makes one feel insecure, low on self-esteem, self confidence, and self control, you may feel victimized, may feel as if you are under the control of others, isolated, fearful, depressed. An overactive Solar Plexus Chakra will bring in over controlling nature, hunger for power over others, arrogance, excessive anger, violence, destructive thoughts for self and others. An individual whose Solar Plexus is overactive is generally workaholic, perfectionist, and always complains about bad relationships—personal as well as professional. He or she likes to dominate others. This Chakra stores the information about our spiritual self, about our position in the vast universe, about self- awareness. Solar Plexus also stores the information of the marks left on our consciousness from the past, traumas, emotional baggage etc.

 To balance this Chakra you may consider doing the following :

•Imagine a fresh, bright yellow beam of light, entering your body at the Solar Plexus.

•Imagine the yellow beam converting into a spinning wheel. At first, imagine the wheel spinning anticlockwise. This will deplete negative energy, if any; and then spin the wheel clockwise. This will absorb positive energy from the universe.

•You may consider listening to soft, gentle, soothing music, may sing also along with the songs, or hum to the tune.

•You must do meditation to balance this Chakra.

•This Chakra works very well with water sports, swimming, and water yoga.

•Depending upon the energy of your Solar Plexus Chakra, you may reduce or enhance the use of color Yellow on your body and in surroundings.

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