Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Why is āratī plate of camphor kept to the right of Deity?

The spiritual science underlying keeping of āratī plate of camphor to the right of Deity.
The right side is the seat of Sun channel or Suryanāḍi. The activation of Suryanāḍi awakens the Divine energy or Shakti. The right hand direction of a Deity contains the mārak or destroyer principle of the Deity.
Destroyer means the one which destroys unwanted, Tama predominant things. The performance of camphor āratī emits destroyer type frequencies of fragrance. The atmosphere laden with frequencies of fragrance attracts frequencies of Shiv principle present in the universe. These Shiv frequencies then destroy the unwanted and impure frequencies in the atmosphere which gets purified thus.
The atmosphere at the place of worship becomes full of Chaitanya or Divine consciousness. This explains why the āratī plate of camphor should be to the right of Deity or to the left of worshipper. Also the strong fragrance emitted while the camphor is burnt has greater capacity to attract the Shivganās (servant Deities of Deity Shiva). The presence of Shivganās helps us to obtain the blessings of Deity of place (Sthāndēvatā) and Deity of premise (Vāstudēvatā) The fragrance of camphor when inhaled leads to decrease in the severity of respiratory diseases. The Shiv tattva enters the wind pipe through the medium of breath because of the fragrance of camphor.

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    Could upls post methods on making hoobatti, gejje vastra- daily and vratha specific vastras, when to use kumkuma gejje vastra, arishina gejje vastra, etc.