Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Heart Chakra or Anahatha Chakra

Post is written by Dr.Manisha from Spiritual Konnect :

Heart Chakra, also known as Anahata Chakra is located at the center of the chest. 
As the name suggests, the Heart Chakra is the abode of all our emotions, to feel, give, receive, and appreciate love and compassion. We oftentimes say or hear things like—“he or she has a big heart, has a generous heart, is good at heart, is soft-hearted, etc.” All these attributes reside in this Chakra. This Chakra is also responsible to generate seeds of creative thoughts. If these thoughts are strong enough, and are nurtured properly; they can be converted into reality with the help of the energy of this Chakra. This Chakra is also another gateway to your connection with the Universal energy, your Higher Self, your healing powers etc.

Now visualize the body parts that are a part of this region. This Chakra affects heart, lungs, thymus gland, blood circulation, shoulders, arms, hands, muscles, and respiratory system of our body. Therefore, if this Chakra is not balanced, it may manifest in the form of illnesses of heart, lungs, hypertension, muscles spasms, cancer of lungs, breasts, autoimmune diseases, etc. Psychologically, it has a great impact on our will power, self-acceptance, love and compassion for self and others, empathy, kindness, give and take, self-control, relationships, renewal, peace, acquiring knowledge. The color of this chakra is GREEN and also PINK.

An underactive Heart Chakra makes one feel insecure, lonely, jealous, passive, possessive, in self-doubt, feel resentment, need validations from others, have low or no self-worth, lack the attitude of forgive and forget, and let go things in life. You may also have fears of rejection, non-acceptance from others. An overactive Heart Chakra is also equally dangerous. You may suffocate someone of your love, affection and compassion. You will need a constant reminder from others that your love is very important in their lives, and that you love them the most. The loved may feel choked with your overflowing love. This may also bring in self-destructive thoughts, arrogance, a feeling of being too sentimental, mood swings, and codependency. This Chakra stores the information about our spiritual self, about love-hate relationships of the present and the past, our emotional attachments. The Heart Chakra is the energy center for our psychic development, telepathy etc.

To balance this Chakra you may consider doing the following :
  • Imagine a fresh Green beam of light, entering your body at the Heart Chakra. You may also imagine a Pink Beam in case you want to enhance the feeling of love and compassion.
  • Imagine the green or pink beam converting into a spinning wheel. At first, imagine the wheel spinning anticlockwise. This will deplete negative energy, if any; and then spin the wheel clockwise. This will absorb positive energy from the universe.
  • You may consider listening to soft, gentle, romantic music, may sing also along with the songs, or hum to the tune. You may also listen to the sounds of Nature like chirping of birds, waves, sea breeze.
  • You must do meditation to balance this Chakra.
  • This Chakra works very well with breathing exercises, nature walks, going to a sea shore, etc.
  • You may also write some creative stuff, or read something that touches your heart, watch a touching movie, or just recall all emotional moments from your life that would bring tears in your eyes (good as well as not-so-good).
  • If you feel like crying, consider crying and not suppressing it. The suppressed emotions block our heart chakra. It doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female; you are a human being first, and thus are bound to feel emotional at times. Do not worry about anyone, go in a place that is comfortable, cry, release negative emotions and get back to work !
  • Depending upon the energy of your Heart Chakra, you may reduce or enhance the use of color Green or Pink on your body and in surroundings.

Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra is the most important body chakra as far as human beings are concerned. Because, we being humans are bound to feel emotional, get affected by emotions, give out different emotions, and also receive emotions and emotional outbursts from people around us. 
All this creates a lot of emotional energy around us. This energy in turn affects our very being in a positive or a negative way.

I would like to request all of you to please meditate on this chakra, and try to have a feel of its health. If this chakra is not in harmony, it will affect the overall health of all the chakras. How? Heart Chakra falls exactly in the middle of the Chakras--three chakras are below--solar plexus, sacral and root chakra; and three above-- the throat chakra, third eye and the crown chakra. So, the heart Chakra makes the middle point of this imaginary pipe of chakras. If it is blocked (which is the case with almost everyone of us, at least initially), it will not let the energy flow freely in our body.
Only one blocked chakra may block or affect the health and functioning of other chakras. And, I must tell you that the Heart Chakra plays a very important role in our life as this chakra is the place of exchange of the most of the energy.

All your thoughts, intent, action, and emotions are generated here, right here in this chakra. If you bury your emotions, they create a graveyard of negative emotions that stay permanently in your heart chakra blocking positive energy from coming in and negative energy from going out. The hurts you receive from others, the responsibilities that you shirk, your frustrations, unfulfilled expectations, desires, dreams; all add into emotional clutter. And this emotional clutter makes you feel even more insure, depressed, moody, angry, arrogant, and what not.

Please pay attention to your thoughts. Do not keep emotions buried, resolve issues that trouble you. And in most of the cases, you would find the solution from within.

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