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Shri Swarna Gowri Vratha Preparations

Shri Swarna Gowri Vratha or Gowri Habba is celebrated on Thrithya (3rd day) of Badrapada Shukla Maasa. On this day, Sumangalis and Kumaris are suggested to take head bath to purify themselves before offering pooja.
Some of the preparations are listed and briefly described below:

1. Thorana: made from Mango leaves are tied to main doors as well as the pooja room.Banana stems are tied across the mantap.
2.Idol for worship :According to the family customs, Arishina Gowri or Mannina Gowri is prepared and placed on a plate filled with Rice along with the clay idol of Gowri(if this custom is followed in homes), Kalasha and Small Ganesha Idol.Gowri pooja is suggested to be performed as early as possible in the morning.

3.Arishina kumkuma Thatte:
Arishina, Kumkuma, Chandra, Bukkihittu, Adike, Karpoora, Mangalarathi bathi, Agarbathi, Hoobathi, 16 Ele's gejjevasthra and hidi.
4.Panchamrutha :
In a plate, arrange in small bowls of Milk, Ghee, Curds, Honey and Sugar

6.Naivedya : All kinds of fruits, Huggi, Bele obbattu.(for Bele obbattu recipe click here.)
7.Poornapala: Cocunuts

8.Madhuparka: On beetal leaves/Villedele a banana is kept.

9.Upayana dhana: On a plate filled with rice, two coconuts are kept on 2 beetal leaves and nuts with dakhshine. Closed with another plate or banana leaf.
10.Turmeric Threads:A thread smeared with arishina and with 16 knots to be prepared for each of the member offering pooja. This thread is knotted with a flower and is kept on 2 beetal leaves and beetal nuts on the right side of Gowri.
After pooja, is offered, this thread is tied by elders of the family on the right wrist of women and girls who have performed  pooja.

A fruit with beetal leaves and nuts is given to the hands of the person for whom the thread will be tied and then the thread will be touched on both wrists three times before tying it to the right wrist. Fruit given in the hands shall be placed along with upayanadhana and then given to the Priest or a Brahmin.
11.Deeparathi: Nandadeepa, halagarathi, halagarathi bathi,  hoobathi, arathi thatte, 16 deepaarathi is prepared for Gowri.

12.Marada jothe: (for list of items click here)
Then marada jothe/baagna is offered to Gowri first and later given to other Sumangalis. When exchanging, Morada jothe is covered by both women/Girls giving and receiving by their saree pallus by saying “Muthaide muthaide Bagina thago, savithri Savithri Bagina Kodu”, it is waved three times across and then it is placed on the ground and fruits with beetal leaves and nuts kept on it is given to the woman first and then marada jothe is opened to show and have to take blessings is seeked from the sumangali.


13.Gowri Visarjane: is done on the same day or 3rd/5thor 7th day after checking on the auspicious day.

And then again punaha pooja is done with arishina, kumkuma, Chandra and flowers to Gowri.
Until the visarjane day, daily poojas - 16 shodasha upachara has to be done. On visarjane day arishina, kukuma is offered to Sumangali/s and served with rice prasadam.

14. Uppakki: After the pooja, Upakki has to be kept for Gowri, for this Two plates are kept in front of Gowri. In another two bowls, rice and rock salt is taken. Both are taken in different hands and kept like a cross(X) and uttered “ Athe Agne irali, Mavana Agne irali, Gandana Agne irali, Swargakke hodaru Savathi Kaata beda” three times and hands are exchanged and put on the empty plates that is kept in front of Gowri.

Sometimes, Thogari bele/Kadale bele is also used in place of Salt. Upakki is kept before eating lunch and to be kept only by married women.
15.Prasada: While Gowri idol is taken for visarjane along with Ganesha idol, a piece of Gejjevasthra is taken as prasadam and tied to mangalasuthra as a blessing from Shri Gowri itself.

16.For Vratha & VrathaKathe Audio, Click

Wish you lots of blessings from Shri Gowri.

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  1. hi anitha,

    Just now came across your blog while searching for vratha procedures. blog is awesome.. :)

    I am a smartha brahmin.. cud you please post step by step procedures on different vrathas, like [1]for swarna gowri vratha, how to tie saree for gowramma, [2] for varamahalakshmi vratha-procedure to keep kalasha and tie saree, what all to place in kalasha and bindige, [3] how to draw mandala for keeping panchapatre and naivedya [4] rangolis that can be kept infront of tulasi etc.. Thanks very much in advance,


    1. Thank you so much, your suggestions are taken, i am working on it, will post them as soon as i finish them. Keep visiting this space, look forward for your suggestions to improve this blog..thanks again :)

  2. Thanks for the wonderful writeup. I would like to know if i can give Bagina to my own sister - Elder sister. Please let me know

  3. Hi Anitha,

    I am Ranjitha and I am a Smartha Brahmin. I am so glad I found your blog. Please keep posting step by step procedures like these. Keep up the good work :)

  4. @Ranitha, Thank you so much for our comments, will surely keep posting!

  5. HI Anitha,

    Your blog is very nice.. Esp information on vratha procedure and preparations, I am smartha brahmin.

    Have a request from my side :-

    [1] Could you pls write about how to keep kalasha and similar step by steps for varamahalakshmi vratha, anantha padmanabha vratha, Go-padma vratha[that comes in ashadha], ganesha habba.

    Awaiting for ur reply and more posts in future.. :)

  6. Also could u pls post what all gift items can be given away to invited ppl along with tambula during ayush homa, namakarana, baby birthdays, gruha pravesha etc.


  7. I came across your blog while searching for Visarjane dates for Swarna gouri this year - 2013.
    I am not able to do it on 12th Sept, can i do it on 14th Sept, because that is the 7th day from the pooja date 8th Sept. Please let me know,


    1. I am so sorry for not having replied earlier. i was away from blog and busy with festivals. Apologize dear.

  8. Hi Anitha,

    I came accross ur blog.. found it interesting , keep up this spirit of saving our culture... good job!!!!! Can I know something about jhesta gowri vratha ??


  9. Anita Avare,

    I came across this blog. Interesting. I had celebration of Swarna Gowri Vratam and want to know should I keep the Madalakki and Bagina things to my self or donate to temple.

    Please let me know.
    Savitha Gudipati

    1. Savitha, you can give it to any sumangali along with kumkum, if you cannot find anyone then you can make sweet out of madalakki and share with your family and others. Bagina given to gowri can be kept with you as prasadam, i am told by a senior member of the family.

  10. Thank you Anitha for such a wonderful blog. All the steps are same as we do. Me n my hubby are staying in bangalore. Everytime I go to either my mom's place or mother in laws place for this festival. This time we r planning to do this vratha here in bangalore only. Your blog helped me a lot for doing preparations. Thanks again.